High performance desiccant for cargo
"Cargo Power Sorb Light" is bigger than most other domestic calcium chloride desiccant products. This product is larger and more economical. Due to the increased volume and box less design, it will help keep costs down, reduce work and also reduce dust.
  Application Air/Ocean cargo
Agricultural products, wood and paper, textile and leather, auto parts, precision machinery, electronic parts, chemicals, glass, food, etc
1. Big adsorption capacity
It adsorbs more than silica gel and bentonite clay by 5 to 7 times under various condition. Especially, as it adsorbs very well at high humidity condition, it prevents condensation in cargo.
2.Easy to use
Cargo Power Sorb Light is easy to use and is designed to hang in the corrugated recess of the container wall. Minimal space is occupied and accidental damage from forklifts is avoided.
3.Environment friendly and safe
Calcium chloride is a very safe substance used as a food additive. Also, there is no harmful substance in it. It can be disposed as a general waste.
4.No corrosion/No deliquescence
It solves deliquescence  problem of calcium chloride by water-retainer. Also, it uses special porous film for preventing water leakage after adsorption.
* It can fix in place with the seal * Put on the container’s wall, in the wave

Adsorption capacity

Adsorption rate (25)
Adsorption rate (%)


Weight Quantity Dimension(p)
550g 28 H134×W120
  • Carton box
  • Specification can be changed without notification.
  The amount of general needed 20 ft. container: 4 to 8 poles
40 ft. container: 8 to 16 poles
The number of poles may vary depending on transport time, the voyage, the range of temperatures encountered and the type of cargo protected.