Lineup Humidity indicator card Cobalt-free humidity indicator card
  Humidity indicator card

Humidity indicator card shows the humidity within sealed packages and closed spaces by color change.

  • Monitor of humidity in the package of electronic parts or materials, computers, measurement instruments, cameras etc.
  • Indicator of humidity in the room such as factories and storages.
  • Monitor of desiccant activity.
  • Indicator of air-conditioning device.
  • Accessory combined with thermometer.
  1. Resistance
    It is made of paper, resists shake and shock.
  2. User-friendly
    It is easy to use, easy to see.
  3. Visibility
    User can check the humidity in package from the outside.
  4. Color change
    It changes between RH10%
  5. Excellent precision
    It provides accurate readings within ±5% for long time.
  User-friendly Humidity indicator card shows if moisture within sealed packages or closed spaces is at an acceptable level. User can see humidity, by dots which shows up the benchmark color lavender.
It helps to monitor desiccant activity. So it is ideal to use humidity indicator card with desiccant where moisture control is critical.
If its color changes from blue to pink, it shows the package is not sealed tightly, or under harmful level of humidity.
Type Six dots
Size 35×121o
Span 10,20,30,40,50,60 RH(24)
Material Chemically-processed absorbent paper
Indication By changing color
Precision ± 5
Reaction time Left for more than10 minutes
Caution Inappropriate for ammonia, water and steam
  • There are another types such as 1, 3, 4 dots available.
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