Hygroscopic Film Active Pack
@ ACTIVE PACK® @ @

Active Pack is functionality film laminated with hygroscopic sealant on AL or PET film.
Without the use of desiccant pack like before, it can keep a low-humidity package
environment and the product absolute dry.

@ Application
  • Pharmaceuticals, Powdery chemical substance, High-perfomance film
  • Diagnostic kits
  • Health supplements
  • Food
  • Industrial parts, Medical equipment
@ Characteristics
  • There are no risks concerning intake by mistake or accidental ingestion of desiccant.
  • There are no risks about the desiccant being forgotten.
  • The elimination of desiccant material reduces waste and waste by-product.
  • It is economical in total costs when compared to traditional desiccant packs, processes such as packaging desiccant material and setting are no longer necessary.
  • Size and space issues are non-existent because custom sizes and designs are available.
@ Hygroscopic Sealant 3 types of sealant are available.

@‡@@Absolute dry type, Thickness 60ƒΚm
@‡A@Absolute dry double@type, Thickness 60ƒΚm
@‡B@Low humidity type, Thickness 60ƒΚm

*Made-to-order specification are available. Please consult us.

@ Composition Example
Hygroscopic AL bag


*Custom composition orders are available.
@ Product Specification Options AL laminate film, Transparent PET film, Reclosable bag, Stand pouch, etc.

*Custom options are available as-needed
@ Absorption Ability
Hygroscopic Sealant Absorption amount
¦Central tendency

@Absolute dry type, Thickness 60ƒΚm

 Absolute dry double@type, Thickness 60ƒΚm 6.0g/‡u

@Low humidity type, Thickness 60ƒΚm



Humidity behavior inside bag(empty bag, low humidity type)

Humidity inside bag
Some humidity actions change with content.
Please sample test before use.