Lineup SA-S(NB)SA(NB) Cobalt-free humidity indicator card FA(NB)
  Cobalt free Indicating silica gel    
FA(NB)-series is a desiccant for transportation packing, made of cobalt free indicating silica gel.
  Application Electronic device, Electronic parts, Precision machinery, Instruments, Chemicals, Air cargo/Ocean cargo,  
  1. Cobalt-free
    It is made of organic compound which is environmentally and biologically safe. It is free from harmful heavy metal unlike conventional indicating silica gel which is made of cobalt chloride.
  2. Color change
    It changes its color from blue to purple red like conventional indicating silica gel.
  3. No corrosion/No deliquescence
    It is made of type-A silica gel. It is chemically stable, no corrosion, no deliquescence, and no toxicity.
  4. Durability
    As it is packaged in non-woven fablic, it is durable.
  5. Wide variety of lineup
    It has a wide variety of lineup up to 1kg
  6. JIS standard
    It conforms to JIS standard.
      (*1)JIS Z0701 Silica gel Desiccants for Packaging
  Color change It is dark blue under dry condition, as it adsorbs moisture, it changes to purple red. It gradually changes between RH10% and 40%. After it adsorbs moisture up to its limit, it will not desorb under room temperature.  
  Safety The major components, A-type silica gel is so safe as to be designated as food additives. It is chemically stable, tasteless, odorless, no water solubility, no corrosion, and no deliquescence.
As it is processed under the strict quality control, performance is stable.
Cobalt chloride which is used in conventional indicating silica gel has been restricted since it was designated as carcinogens by EU directive 98/98/EC. In contrast,
FA(NB) series is made of safe alternative material (organic pigment), which is according to all the EU regulation.
It is packaged by polyester non-woven fabric that conforms to the packaging requirements of Food Sanitation Law in Japan
(*2), FDA standard (*3) and global standard of wastes (the so-called Basel Convention)(*4)

(*2) Specifications, Standards and Testing Methods for Containers and Packaging, 3-D-2, Specifications and Standards for Food, Food additive (No370-notification of health and Welfare Minister in 1959)
(*3)It conforms to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines.
(*4)On March in 1989, [Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal] was passed unanimously by the 112 participating country including Japan at Basel in Switzerland.
Weight Quantity Dimension(o)
5g 1,800 60×55
10g 1,000 80×55
20g 600 60×110
30g 400 75×110
50g 250 100×110
100g 150 100×160
200g 75 110×170
300g 50 150×190
500g 30 150×230
1kg 15 165×300

  • Specification can be changed without notification.