Lineup MS-series
  Synthetic zeolite desiccant    
Synthetic zeolite has high moisture adsorbing capacity under low humidity condition (less than RH20%). Therefore it is good for pharmaceuticals and precision parts which are susceptible to a little moisture.
  Application Diagnostic test strip, Pharmaceuticals, Supplement  
  1. Material
    MS-series is made of synthetic zeolite 4A.
  2. Chemical formula
    The chemical formula is NA
  3. Big adsorption capacity
    It adsorbs so much in low humidity condition compared to other desiccants. And it adsorbs quickly.
  4. Odor eliminating
    There is a grade with odor eliminating effect.It prevents the odor from pharmaceuticals decomposition which is caused by a little residual moisture.
  5. No corrosion/No deliquescence
    It is chemically stable, it doesn’t change its shape after adsorbing moisture. It is no corrosion, no deliquescence.
  6. Safety
    It includes little or no heavy metal. It does not use any additives which is harmful to humans.
  7. Uniform shape
    It is uniform shape. It has compression strength and good mechanical characteristics.
  8. Wide variety of lineup
    It has a wide variety of lineup, various shapes and sizes are available.
  9. DMF14359
    It is registered by DMF14359.
Heavy metal Analysis value
Arsenic 0.05(ppm)
Mercury 0.001(μg)
Lead 0.1(ppm)
Cadmium 0.04(ppm)
Chrome 0.06(ppm)
  Product lineup
MS<small packet>
It is a packet desiccant which is made of synthetic zeolite 4A, packaged by Japanese paper.
  • As Japanese paper has high moisture permeability compared to PP packaging, it is perfectly suits to the package of desiccant.
  • As it is hard to rip compared to PP packaging, the contents will never leak from the package and will never ruin the products.
  • As the odor and the gas pass through easily, the packet which includes apropriate adsorbent can prevent both of them.

It is tablet desiccant made of synthetic zeolite.
  • It is a desiccant for a glass and plastic bottle of pharmaceuticals or supplements.
  • It can be supplied by automatic pouch distributor.
  • Use it for keeping in very low humidity condition.
  • Tablets packaged by paper is available on your needs.
  • It is the only synthetic zeolite tablets desiccant in Japan.

It is platy desiccant which is formed of synthetic zeolite and wrapped by perforated film.
  • It is desiccant sheet which is good for the product in a box such as pharmaceuticals.
  • As it is wrapped by PP film, it will never make dust.
  • It can be supplied by automatic distributor.
  • Use it for keeping in very low humidity condition.
  • It is the only platy desiccant made of synthetic zeolite in Japan.
  • It is patented product jointly with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.