Desiccant for pharmaceuticals    
As WACA series uses strong and high moisture permeable paper, it perfectly suits to the package of pharmaceuticals which is required a high level of security and susceptible to the humidity.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Test drugs
  • Supplements (such as vitamin)
  • Semiconductor, Electronic parts, Precision machinery
  1. High adsorption speed
    As it uses high moisture permeable paper, the adsorption speed is very fast.
  2. Variable speed
    It is possible to change the adsorption speed by changing the porosity of the packaging material.
  3. Durability
    It is hard to rip compared with PP packaging.
  4. Automation
    It can be supplied by automatic pouch distributor.
  5. Space-saving
    As it is so compact, it helps space-saving.
  6. Variations
    There is the cut product and the continuous form.
  7. Range of weight
    It has to be in the 1g to 10g range.
  8. Contents
    It is possible to use silica gel and other as the contents.
  Adsorption Capacity There is a wide variety of adsorbent and mixed adsorbent to suit your needs. In the case of odor and humidity problem, it is good to use the mixed adsorbent for the odor and humidity.  
  Packaging material Two packaging materials are used for WACA series. Japanese paper is used for the cut product (WA), rayon paper is for the continuous form product (CA). They are heat sealed. Rayon paper which is used for the continuous form product has better moisture permeation and strength than Japanese paper.
As it uses the minutely crushed material, it has scratch-resistance for aluminum outside package. Therefore it suits to PTP package of pharmaceuticals .

High moisture permeability and porosity
As it has better moisture permeability than PP paper, it perfectly suits to the small package of adsorbent. The porosity of the paper is strictly controlled in the manufacturing process, to ensure quality consistency.
No breakage
As it is hard to rip compared to PP packaging, the contents will never leak from the package and will never ruin the products.
Weight Quantity Dimension(o)
1g 7,000 25×50
2g 4,000 45×50
3g 3,000 45×55
5g 2,000 60×60
10g 1,200 60×80

  • Specification can be changed without notification.
  • Special dimension is available on customer's request.