High performance desiccant for transport package   
FB-series is a desiccant made of B-type silica gel. It has high adsorption capacity under high humidity condition. It is very economical and superior desiccant for transportation package of precision machinery or container cargo.
  Application Electronic device, Electronic parts, Precision machinery, Instruments, Chemicals, Air cargo/Ocean cargo  
  1. High price performance
    It is made of B-type silica gel. As it adsorbs more than A-type silica gel, it is cost-effective.
  2. No corrosion/No deliquescence
    It is chemically stable, no corrosion, no deliquescence, no toxicity.
  3. Durability
    As it is packaged in non-woven fabric, it is durable.
  4. Wide variety of lineup
    It has a wide variety of lineup up to 1kg.
  5. Jis standard
    It conforms to JIS standard.
    (*1)JIS Z0701 Silica gel Desiccants for Packaging.
  Adsorption   capacity FB-series conforms to JIS standard for packaging. The major component, B-type silica gel does not adsorb so much under low humidity condition, but it adsorbs so much under high humidity condition. Therefore it prevents dew condensation of export packaging.  
  Economic  efficiency The major components, B-type silica gel adsorbs more than A-type silica gel and silica-alumina gel by twice. For this reason it has same adsorption capacity by half amount, and it will work for a long time.  
Weight Quantity Dimension(o)
FB 50g 200 100×130
100g 100 110×150
200g 60 110×220
300g 40 150×220
500g 24 150×260
1kg 12 205×330


  • Specification can be changed without notification.